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August 21, 2013
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Well then by TSCLonix Well then by TSCLonix
at least your crush doesn't want to kill you and your sensei.

OH MAN, with Casey joining TMNT 2012 you'd think i would draw something cool
But nope. i had to do angst, bad me.
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MarieVampireQueen13 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*gives Donnie a hug*
Dang girl! You did a pretty good job at predicting the future! :lmao:

Cause this seems to be happening as of Wormquake! XD

Though Donnie seems a bit more bitter than sad. Perhaps he'll move on hopefully....

Besides it seems like he and Casey were starting to become friends. :)
<font><font>Bme gusta pensar en una relación DonniexApril, pero... ¿que es una tortuga ninja mutante, comparada con un ser humano común?. Hay que ser realistas, por mas que duela.</font></font>
A mi la verdad me da igual si termina con Donnie o no
Solo quería dibujarlo triste. (?)
RavenHamoto Mar 26, 2014  New member
poor Donnie...
NorwaySwedenDenmark Mar 15, 2014   General Artist
The thing with Donnie is that he's too needy. Do I feel sympathy for him? Of course! Do I think that what he's doing now is a good way to get April? No.

He's too needy. Just ask yourself this question: If a guy acted really attached to you, always called you on your phone, always talked to you, tried do everything he could to please you, tried to never say he's opinion on something if it went against your view, would you feel attracted to him? In other words, would you be attracted to a needy guy? Seriously, would you feel attracted to him in real life? I'm not talking about Donnie, I'm talking about real life guys! If you say yes, you're either 1) Unconsciously telling an untruth 2) One out of a billion.

I've never ever seen a girl in my life fall for a guy acting like Donnie to win a girl over. It didn't work for me, and it never worked for anyone I know, why? Because nobody like needy people. That goes for both genders.

What should Donnie do? Be a roll model for real guys in his situations out there and instead of feeding into this big lie that everybody believes will get them the girl, make something out of yourself, or rather, show that you are something! Not like being a show off, but make it a part of himself! Donnie is a really smart guy and he has the potential to win April over, but step one, that everyone must do if they want to get someone, is stop being needy.
tbh i don't even like donnie that much (and if you ask me why, it's because all this crush thing he has... he gets really annoying at some points, st op him)

but i was like aw poor guy he tries too hard, so i guess i feel kinda sad for him

and yeah, I agree with you. But maybe the tmnt staff makes him like this to develop his character in the future??? At least I hope so, 'cause I'm waiting for that character development.
NorwaySwedenDenmark Mar 16, 2014   General Artist
See? Too needy.

I also look forward to further character development.
Poor Donnie!
so sad :( Poor Donnie 
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